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The Chromium Exome Solution

Reach Beyond the Standard Exome

The Chromium Exome provides long range information, enabling phasing, structural variant detection
and copy number determination. Low complexity and repetitive regions previously missed
with short-read sequencing are now accessible.

Our Solution Features

  • High-quality libraries from only 1 ng of genomic DNA
  • Optimized baits utilize Linked-Reads for intron-spanning
  • Call and phase variants across the entire exome
  • Superior haplotype phasing of cis/trans relationships
  • Detect variants in genes inaccessible to standard short-read libraries
  • Useful for high sequence homology, including problematic duplications, inversions and pseudogenes
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The Chromium Controller

Compact, sleek, efficient.

The compact, sleek Chromium Controller has been designed to rapidly and efficiently automate the equivalent of 100,000s to 1,000,000s of pipetting steps for highly parallel sample partitioning and molecular barcoding.

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Chromium Genome v2 Library Kit
& Gel Bead Kit

The Chromium Controller now supports our new Chromium Genome Reagent Kits with v2 chemistry, with the following refinements:

  • Chromium Genome Library Kit & Gel Bead Kit v2 comes in 16 and 96-reaction (HT) configurations, offering a flexible workflow that can be scaled based on the needs of each user
  • The Chromium Genome HT Library Kit & Gel Bead Kit v2 can be automated on industry standard liquid handlers and has a significant cost advantage per sample


  • Chromium Genome HT Library Kit & Gel Bead Kit v2, 96-reactions
  • Chromium Genome Library Kit & Gel Bead Kit v2, 16-reactions
  • Chromium Genome Chip Kit v2, 48-reactions

Purchase Separately:

  • Chromium i7 Multiplex Kit, 96-reactions
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Chromium Exome Solution


Chromium Structural Variant Analysis with Linked-Reads

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Exploring 50 whole genomes with Chromium Linked-Reads

Chris Whelan
Broad Institute
October 21, 2016
ASHG Annual Meeting – Vancouver, BC

Resolving short reads and distinguishing variants in PMS2

Charlly Kao
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
October 20, 2016
ASHG Annual Meeting – Vancouver, BC

Improving genome analysis with Linked-Reads

Deanna Church
10x Genomics, Inc.
August 15, 2016
Pleasanton, CA

Resolving the “dark matter” of the exome

Hakon Hakonarson
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
June 02, 2016
Nature Webcast
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Universal haplotype-based noninvasive prenatal testing for single gene diseases

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