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Immune Repertoire Profiling

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Scientific Seminars

See how our customers are making new discoveries with 10x Genomics.


Interrogating the human adaptive immune response with high-throughput precision immunology

James Crowe
Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
November 21, 2017
Nature Webinar

Harnessing the therapeutic potential of adoptively transferred cells

Aude Chapuis
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
June 22, 2017
Nature Webcast

How-to Videos

Watch a step-by-step tutorial with tips and tricks about our protocol.

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 3

Assembling the Chip

Chapter 7

Transferring GEMs


Software Demos

Learn how to visualize and analyze data with 10x software.

Chapter 1

Basic Orientation

Chapter 2


Chapter 6

Importing Gene Lists

Chapter 7

Split View Tool

Chapter 8

Significant Genes Tool


10x-Pert Webinars

Learn from our 10x-pert R&D Scientists with pre-recorded workshops.


10x-pert Workshop: How-to: Single-Nuclei RNA-seq

Sharmila Chatterjee
November 28, 2017

10x-pert Workshop: Single cell immune repertoire profiling- T cell V(D)J typing

Kevin Wu
10x Genomics
September 21, 2017
Pleasanton, CA


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