Accellerate your insights from the
tumor microenvironment.

Simultaneously assess the diversity
and functional phenotype of cells.

The Single Cell Counter

Single Cells Analyzed by the Chromium System and Solutions to Date

Delve Into the Tumor Microenvironment

10x-pert Workshop Series

In this workshop, you’ll learn about:

  • Challenges understanding the tumor microenvironment
  • Factors to consider for tumor sample preparation
  • Library preparation for gene expression and immune repertoire from the same single cells
  • Live demo of data analysis in Loupe Cell and Loupe V(D)J Browsers

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Learn from Other Excellent Researchers


Interrogating the Human Adaptive Immune Response with High-throughput Precision Immunology

  • James Crowe
Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
November 21, 2017
Nature Webinar

Single Cell RNA Sequencing Unveils Mechanisms of Response and Resistance to T-Cell Immunotherapy

  • Aude Chapuis
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
February 13, 2018

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