10x’s products enable a diverse set of sequencing applications, bringing unprecedented levels of depth to genomic analysis.

The GemCode™ Technology has been adopted for use in multiple applications, including whole-genome phasing and structural variant analysis, de novo genome assembly, remapping of difficult regions of the genome, and dynamic gene expression of single cells.

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Resolve Compound Heterozygosity

Establish cis or trans relationships between variants without trio sequencing.

Resolve the Genome Into Multi-Megabase Phase Blocks

Phase the full spectrum of variants (SNVs, indels, and large-scale structural rearrangements) into ultra long multi-megabase phase blocks, enabling a full understanding of diploid genome sequence.

Multi-Megabase Diploid De Novo Assembly

Using the Supernova™ Assembler, reconstruct multi-megabase diploid assemblies, preserving phasing information for small variants, structural rearrangements and novel sequence without the need for a reference.

Interrogate Heterogeneous Cell Populations

Profiling 1,000s to 10,000s of cells per experiment increases sensitivity and accuracy for the detection of rare cell types.

Differential Expression Identifies Cell Cycle Phase

Understand dynamic processes by interrogating gene expression on a cell-by-cell level.