Chromium Certified Service Provider Program

Become a Chromium
Certified Service Provider

Rise above the competition and go exponential by becoming a trusted 10x Genomics service provider.

Increase customer satisfaction and drive demand for your services by becoming a Chromium Certified Service Provider. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a trusted service provider today.

Advantages to becoming a
Chromium Certified Service Provider:

Access to Special Pricing

Receive discounted, volume-based pricing available exclusively to Chromium Certified Service Providers.

Boost Visibility

Be highlighted on the 10x Genomics website, on our service provider flyer, and via social media channels. Opportunities are also available for cross-promotion at various events.

Service providers
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Consistently deliver high-quality data and services on cutting-edge applications developed by 10x Genomics.

Distinguish Your Services

Display your certification by applying our application-specific Chromium Certified Service Provider logo and/or certificate on your website and promotional materials to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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