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Applications Data Analyst

Location: Pleasanton, CA

10x Genomics is looking for an outstanding scientist to join its Applications Development group. The scientist must have a passion for innovating new applications that use Next Generation Sequencing technologies to drive discovery and improve human health. The scientist must be able to learn quickly, creatively solve problems, and have a deep understand of NGS technologies. You should have experience with performing and analyzing sequence alignments, for both genomic and RNA based analyses. Additionally, the candidate must have strong data analysis skills. The ideal candidate will have a PhD in either population genomics, cancer genomics or clinical genomics.

Individuals applying for this position must be self-starters, strategic thinkers, action driven, flexible in changing direction and methods, thrive in a fast paced environment, excel at managing multiple priorities, succeed in communicating with all levels within the organization and provide immediate contribution.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with key scientists to develop new applications that take advantage of 10x technology.
  • Analyze data for a variety of applications, including variant identification, assembly assessment and metagenomics applications.
  • Develop scientific materials to be used in webinars or other platforms to highlight the advantages of the 10x genomic platform.
  • Work with core product development teams to improve products and enable novel applications as driven by the scientific community. 

Required Skills and Background

  • PhD or equivalent in genomics, cancer genomics or clinical genomics.
  • Extensive experience analyzing large sequencing data sets using Python or R
  • Solid knowledge of commonly used tools (BWA, GATK, FreeBayes, etc)
  • Solid knowledge of commonly used formats such as BAM, VCF and GFF3.
  • Proficiency with the command line and source control.
  • Experience with existing NGS platforms (e.g., Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio, etc.)
  • Demonstrated ability to trouble-shoot complex problems and to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team
  • An eagerness to dramatically improve NGS tools
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills demonstrated with peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain relationships with customers or external collaborators

Desired Skills and Background  

  • Experience with NGS-related products such as Agilent SureSelect target capture, Ion AmpliSeq, Fluidigm single cell sequencing, etc.
  • Experience with DNA and/or RNA extraction methods
  • Knowledge of RNA or cellular biology in cancer or immunology contexts
  • Experience with other laboratory assays including real-time PCR, droplet digital PCR
  • Understanding of gene editing methods including CRISPR
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