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10x is seeking an outstanding Scientist to join the Chemistry team and work on next-generation product development.

 This is a unique cross-disciplinary position that will work closely with a variety of groups including; Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Microfluidics, Computational Biology and Consumable Process Development, to develop and integrate reagents with microfluidic devices for the rapid expansion of 10x product lines. The ideal candidate will have a broad working knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology and the capability of applying this know-how creatively/independently within a fast-paced work environment. Individuals applying for this position must be highly motivated self-starters, action driven, collaborative, have exceptional attention to detail, be flexible in shifting focus between a variety of projects as required, communicate effectively, and provide immediate contribution.

 Key Responsibilities

  • Productive execution of well thought out experiments, accurate recording of results along with in-depth analysis and reporting of these results.
  • Design and implementation of robust chemistries which enable novel biochemical reactions in a microfluidic environment.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the interplay between chemistry, biology and microfluidics for root cause analysis and process optimization.
  • Establish analytical assays for product and component characterization.
  • Work within multi-disciplinary teams to translate novel technological advances from R&D to elegant and robust commercial product lines.

Required Skills and Background

  • PhD in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or bioengineering.
  • 3+ years relevant experience developing successful products in life science applications, such a DNA sequencing, PCR or other nucleic acid based technologies
  • Proven ability to integrate a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines
  • Methods development capability for a broad range of standard techniques as well as ability to develop novel methods based on the requirements of the product.
  • Experienced in the analysis and interpretation of complex data sets.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills
  • Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization, with a compelling technology, and taking products and processes to the next level.

Desired Skills and Background

  • Experience with droplet microfluidics including: microparticle synthesis, biomolecule encapsulation dynamics, and droplet unit operations.
  • Demonstrated ability to create and implement complex multi-step assay schemes.
  • Experience with microscopy, quantitative fluorescence imaging and high-speed imaging.
  • Knowledge in programming (Python, R, Excel macros etc.)
  • Understanding and experience with next-generation sequencing workflows and data analysis.
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