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Software Technical Writer

Location: Pleasanton, CA

At 10x Genomics, we want ambitious, talented software professionals to join us in building revolutionary
DNA sequencing technology. Our multi-disciplinary team in microfluidics, biochemistry, mechanical
engineering, computational biology, and software has a proven track record of delivering successful
commercial products built on deep technological innovation. We are revolutionizing fundamental
research in the fields of single cell, immunology, and long-range genome analysis.

While DNA sequencing technology has advanced rapidly, it’s still at a level equivalent to what assembly
language was to computing, with huge advances yet to be made. 10x Genomics is creating products
that are doing for sequencing what C did for computing, bringing a leap in higher-order clarity,
resolution, and meaning to what is now very low-level information. Software is a key part of that leap.
The scale and complexity of analyzing, managing, and visualizing sequencing data means this is an area with no shortage of hard problems, where brilliant engineering still matters and yields big payoffs.

10x is dedicated to significantly raising the bar for the quality and simplicity of software experience in
this field. Whether it be command-line options, logging outputs, interactive clustering visualizations, or
documentation, these are all critical parts of the human interface of our software. And it is this interface
through which our products ultimately communicate biological insights to our customers.

We want highly technical, highly literate individuals who excel at understanding human factors and
communicating effectively. The person in this role will creatively help optimize the software experience
through audio, visuals, and spoken and written word. If you are the kind of person who is an avid fan of
technology in all fields, not just your own, and want to apply your talent alongside a diverse team of
experts every day, join us at 10x Genomics.

• Work with Software, Computational Biology, Applications, Support, and Marketing to
understand our products and how to effectively communicate about them to customers.
• Plan, develop, and deliver consistent, high-quality technical documentation, release notes,
tutorials, and troubleshooting guides in written and/or video formats.
• Work from highly technical draft material provided by scientists and engineers, and edit and
improve them for customer consumption.
• Contribute to planning, selection, and implementation of technical infrastructure for delivering
technical documentation resources.

Desired Skills and Background
• Bachelors or equivalent in English, Comm., Comp. Sci., Bioinformatics or other related degree.
• 3+ years as a technical writer in software or related field.
• Highly proficient in English with excellent grammatical and editorial skills.
• Experience with Git, Markdown, Node.js, headless CMS, and Jekyll and Hugo are plusses.
• The job requires strong organizational skills and excellent time and project management. You
must thrive in a fast-paced environment.
• Background in biology/sequencing not required. Enthusiasm for broad range of technologies is.

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