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Accelerate Immunology

Our upcoming, publicly available dataset using almost 200,000 CD8+ T cells and analyzing 44 specific antigens, demonstrates the immense and scalable power of the Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution with Feature Barcoding technology. Now you have the freedom and flexibility to link gene expression, cell surface proteins, and paired receptor sequences to your antigen of interest.

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This dataset will allow you to see how you can apply this technology to:

  • Get the full picture of the adaptive immune response in disease models
  • Understand the changes in the adaptive immune response with different treatments
  • Simultaneously survey all TILs for binding a broad range of neo-epitopes
  • Build a database of antigen recognition by TCRs to create a comprehensive immune map
Accelerate Immunology with 10x Genomics’ Technology

What’s Next?

Unravel Complex Biology

Get a sneak peek into our upcoming product additions that will
allow you to get a true multidimensional view of complex biology.

Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution

  • Examine histological and transcriptome profiles from the same tissue section with our new and improved solution
  • Obtain unbiased and high-throughput gene expression analysis for intact tissue sections in a wide variety of samples types
  • Unravel the biological architecture by understanding the interplay of collections of localized cells in normal and diseased tissue
Announcing the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution

Chromium Connect

  • Streamline your single cell library preparation and maximize efficiency with our automated system
  • Obtain consistent single cell gene expression results by minimizing variability across users
  • Operate with ease using a touchscreen computer, for new and experienced users
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Chromium Next GEM Technology

  • Built on a new chip architecture that will enable future solutions and product improvements
  • Combines new chips and reagents
  • Offered this year for the following Solutions:

    • Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution
    • Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution
    • Chromium Single Cell ATAC Solution
  • Stay tuned for more updates soon

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