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Keystone – « Advances in Cancer Immunotherapty » eSymposia

août 17 @ 10:00 - août 19 @ 4:00 EDT

Cancer immunotherapy provides unprecedented long-term antitumor activity in some patients, however the majority of patients with advanced cancers only experience short-term remission. To achieve better outcomes for everyone will require a mechanistic understanding of response, and resistance, to these therapies, including immune inhibitory checkpoint blockade and T-cell engineering. These insights will provide rationale for how to best combine these therapeutic approaches for sustained clinical success. In this virtual meeting they will tackle many of these unanswered questions in the field, including: How do cancers adapt and resist T cell attack? Can we better understand the tumor microenvironment to pave the way for new approaches to immunotherapy? What is the rationale behind immune-oncology (IO) combinations in clinical testing?


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août 17 @ 10:00 EDT
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août 19 @ 4:00 EDT
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