Compact, sleek, efficient.

The compact, sleek Chromium Controller rapidly and efficiently combines large partition numbers with a massively diverse barcode library to generate >100,000 barcode-containing partitions in a matter of minutes. The Chromium Controller fits on a standard laboratory bench and allows a user to run any Chromium Solution, from genome to single cell analysis.

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Chromium Controller Compatible Solutions

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High-throughput analysis

Advanced microfluidics platform enables high-throughput analysis. Each single use chip processes up to 8 samples in parallel in 10-20 minutes.

Small footprint instrument

Easily fits into existing laboratory infrastructure. Instrument footprint <1 square foot can be placed on standard lab bench.

Controller with Dimensions
retractable-drawer-top retractable-drawer-bottom

Retractable drawer

Aerial view of Chromium Controller featuring the retractable drawer and touch screen interface.

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