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10x Genomics Becomes a Partner in the CanSeq150 Initiative

–CanSeq150 Initiative will use 10x Genomics’ Chromium de novo Assembly Solution to generate high quality, cost-effective assemblies for new genomes–

PLEASANTON, CA.—April 5, 2018—10x Genomics, a company focused on accelerating genomic discovery, announced today a partnership with the CanSeq150 Initiative, a sequencing initiative by Canada’s Genomics Enterprise (CGEn). CanSeq150 aims to sequence 150 new genomes to support sequence-based genomics research in Canada, enabling future research in biodiversity and conservation, applications in breeding and biomedicine, as well as technology development across Canada. The initiative was launched to commemorate the 150th birthday of Canada in 2017 and to lay the foundation of Canadian excellence in research for the next 150 years.

“We are very excited about our partnership with 10x Genomics for CGEn’s CanSeq150 Initiative. In combination with other sequencing technologies, data generated by 10x Genomics’ Linked-Reads technology will enhance our capabilities to produce high-quality de novo assemblies of genetically unexplored genomes that are of social and economic importance to Canada,” says Dr. Naveed Aziz, Chief Administrative and Scientific Officer at Canada’s Genomics Enterprise (CGEn).

De novo genomes sequenced through the CanSeq150 initiative will use the Chromium de novo Assembly Solution, the fastest, most cost-effective commercial solution for creating high-quality de novo assemblies for humans, plants, and animals at scale. The species being sequenced will be nominated by the research community and reviewed for selection through a rapid peer-reviewed competitive process. Selected genomes will be sequenced at one of the CGEn sites, including The Centre for Applied Genomics in Toronto, the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre in Montreal, and Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Science Centre in Vancouver. The genome sequences generated will be made freely available to researchers worldwide through CGEn’s website or other public data repositories.

10x Genomics announced significant enhancements to the Chromium de novo Assembly Solution, including a new version of the assembly software, Supernova 2.0, at the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference 2018 (PAGXXVI) in January. The Chromium de novo Assembly Solution has already been adopted by a growing number of researchers, including large-scale consortia like the Genome 10k Vertebrate Genome Project (G10K/VGP), and now CanSeq150. The simple and robust workflow of the Chromium de novo Assembly Solution uniquely positions it to support high-throughput studies required to power research in breeding, biodiversity, and conservation.

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About CGEn

CGEn, funded primarily by the Canada Foundation of Innovation (CFI) and leveraging investments from Genome Canada and other stakeholders, is a nationwide genome sequencing and analysis network with sites in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. CGEn’s mission is to enable Canadian science in basic and clinical research through the characterization of genome sequences, the promotion of this era of genome science research in Canada, and by building and operating an unprecedented infrastructure that enhances our national capacity for sequencing and informatics analysis. To learn more, visit
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