10x Genomics Cloud Analysis


We’re working to update and improve Cloud Analysis. Below are features we’re actively researching, designing, and building.


These are features that we've begun implementing and expect to launch soon.

Run the Cell Ranger Multi pipeline

Soon you’ll be able to analyze your multiplexed samples with CellPlex on Cloud Analysis. The Cell Ranger Multi pipeline also allows for simultaneous profiling of V(D)J repertoire, cell surface protein, antigen specificity, and gene expression data. Estimated availability: July

Analyze Targeted Gene Expression data

Currently, Cloud Analysis allows you to analyze Whole Transcriptome Gene Expression data. We're building support for Targeted Gene Expression data. Estimated availability: July


These are features that we're designing, but there's more work to be done before you'll see them live in 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis.

Analyze Spatial Gene Expression data

We’re designing ways for you to upload and analyze your Spatial Gene Expression data in Cloud Analysis using Space Ranger pipelines.

Support for additional pipelines and products

We’re architecting ways to leverage 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis to simplify analysis for more 10x Genomics products including Single Cell ATAC and Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression.


We want to build these features, but there's more we need to understand before we can design the right experience.

Enhanced collaboration tools

We’re researching ways of making collaboration easier, including sharing projects, teams, and more.