Cancer Research

Reveal the True Biology
of Cancer

Expand cancer insights at the genome-wide and single cell level using 10x Genomics’ Chromium Solutions.

Our product offerings support multiple cancer research areas—from single nucleotide and structural variant detection to single cell whole transcriptome gene expression analysis of thousands of individual cells, including paired, full-length T and B cell immune repertoire profiling. With a simplified workflow, including cutting-edge and intuitive software, effortlessly and rapidly answer cancer research questions.

10x Advantages in Cancer Research

Cancer Research
Unmask Tumor Heterogeneity

Build a comprehensive view of tumor sub-clones and clonal evolution.

Map the Immune Response

Elucidate tumor infiltrating lymphocyte phenotypes and clonal antigen recognition within the tissue microenvironment, and research molecular and cellular responses to novel immunotherapies derived from single cell genomics’ discoveries.

Cancer Research
Unravel the Tumor Microenvironment

Determine the identity and heterogeneity of cell types in the tumor microenvironment.

Better Characterize Mutations in Cancer Susceptibility Genes

Reveal the molecular genetic basis for cancer by accurately detecting and resolving ambiguous variants, while maintaining haplotype information.

Scientific Seminars

Discover How Single-cell RNA Sequencing Provides Deeper Insights into Lung Cancer Biology

  • Bernard Thienpont
  • Annika Branting
  • Pawel Zajac
KU Leuven | 10x Genomics | Illumina
November 28, 2018
LabRoots Webinar

Single Cell RNA Sequencing Unveils Mechanisms of Response and Resistance to Immunotherapy

  • Aude Chapuis
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
May 21, 2018

Genome-wide Reconstruction of Complex Structural Variants

  • Noah Spies
Stanford University
March 21, 2017
User Group Meeting – San Francisco, CA

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