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Expand cancer insights at the genome-wide and single cell level using 10x Genomics’ Chromium Solutions.

Our product offerings support multiple cancer research areas—from single nucleotide and structural variant detection to single cell whole transcriptome gene expression analysis of thousands of individual cells, including paired, full-length T- and B-cell immune repertoire profiling. Our cancer solutions will allow you to answer questions that you have never before thought possible.

10x Advantages in Cancer Research

Cancer Research
Unmask Tumor Heterogeneity

The inherent heterogeneity of cancer cell populations, including the diversity of normal, malignant, immune, and other cellular gene expression profiles of common and rare cell types, can be uncovered and analyzed at an astounding resolution.

Map the Immune Response

Elucidate tumor infiltrating lymphocyte phenotypes and clonal antigen recognition within the tissue microenvironment, and research molecular and cellular responses to novel immunotherapies derived from single cell genomics’ discoveries.

Better Characterization of Mutations in Cancer Susceptibility Genes

Accurately detect and resolve ambiguous variants, while maintaining haplotype information.

Cancer Research
Consolidate Multiple Assays into One Low-input Assay

Get a more accurate view of the cancer genomic landscape by detecting SNVs, CNVs, as well as balanced and complex structural variants in a single, comprehensive assay that requires only 1 ng of DNA input.

Complete Solutions, from Sample Prep to Analysis

A simplified workflow, along with cutting-edge and intuitive software, gives you the tools to effortlessly and rapidly complete your investigations.


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Scientific Seminars

Genome-wide reconstruction of complex structural variants

March 21, 2017
User Group Meeting – San Francisco, CA

Harnessing the therapeutic potential of adoptively transferred cells

Aude Chapuis
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
June 22, 2017
Nature Webcast

Chromium single cell solutions

October 21, 2016
ASHG Annual Meeting – Vancouver, BC

Perturb-seq: High Throughput CRISPR Screening via Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

Dr. Jonathan Weissman
University of California, San Francisco and Howard Hughes Medical Institute
May 10, 2017
Nature Webinar

Resolving the “dark matter” of the exome

Hakon Hakonarson
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
June 03, 2016
Nature Webcast

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