Population Genetics

Precise Exploration of Genomic
Variation at Population-Scale

Make exponential breakthroughs in precision medicine by advancing your understanding of human genomic diversity with our Chromium Solutions.

To truly understand genomic diversity, disease mechanisms, and heritability, we need access to
more genomic information. Our Chromium Genome, Exome, and de novo Assembly solutions use the power of Linked-Reads to construct long-range information from short-reads, enabling a comprehensive view of the
genome in population studies.

10x Advantages in Population Genetics

Genetic Health
Access More Variants in the Genome

Get a more comprehensive view of genetic diversity by detecting SNVs and CNVs, as well as balanced and complex structural variants in a single, comprehensive assay that requires only 1 ng of DNA input.

Reliably Interrogate Unmappable Regions

Analyze more of the genome by accessing medically relevant regions that are unmappable with only short-reads, such as those located in NGS dead zones, for a more complete understanding of human health and disease.

Genetic Health
Complete Solutions, from Sample Prep to Analysis

A simplified and fully automatable workflow, along with cutting-edge and intuitive software, gives you the tools to effortlessly and rapidly find answers to your complex biological questions.

Future-proof your Data

Get immediate value and future-proof your data with the ability to perform reference-free genome assembly, allowing for more accurate studies of sample-specific genomic and population diversity.

Scientific Seminars

Genome-wide Reconstruction of Complex Structural Variants

  • Noah Spies, Stanford University
March 21, 2017
User Group Meeting – San Francisco, CA

Exploring 50 Whole Genomes with Chromium Linked-Reads

  • Chris Whelan, Broad Institute
October 21, 2016
ASHG Annual Meeting – Vancouver, BC

Linked-Reads for Improved Genomics

  • Sarah Garcia, 10x Genomics, Inc.
November 11, 2016
AMP Annual Meeting – Charlotte, NC

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