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Learn how leading researchers are using 10x Genomics technology in their game-changing endeavors, paving new roads with collaboration and innovation as they strive to master the complexities of biology.

Discover how scientists are unraveling the complexities of cancer, from research to clinical trials. With single cell and spatial multiomics, the newest innovations are spurring groundbreaking science.
Dr. Samantha Bucktrout shares her passion for advancements in immunotherapy, and how innovations have played an important role.
Discover the exciting future that researchers like Elizabeth Jaffee, MD, and Elana Fertig, PhD, are envisioning with the power of spatially resolved transcriptomics for FFPE samples.

10x Genomics technologies can provide you with a sharper resolution of this complicated disease. Explore how you can enhance your scientific understanding and gain deeper insights.

Addressing the intricacies of the immune system will lead to breakthroughs in infectious disease, autoimmune disorders, immunotherapy development, and cancer. See how 10x Genomics is helping to master this complex biology and drive discovery across the continuum.
For patients with lung disease, every breath is precious. Dr. Naftali Kaminski (Yale) discusses using single cell analysis to study idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and COVID.
At our Global Cell Therapy Virtual Symposium, leading cancer researchers discussed the state of T-cell therapy, including resistance mechanisms, next-gen therapies, and more.

Whether you want to break new ground with novel immunological insights, reveal the full depth of immune complexity, or bring functional immune data to life, 10x Genomics can help you truly change the course of human health.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, 10x Genomics is offering new levels of accessibility to support discoveries within neurodegenerative, psychiatric, and neurodevelopmental diseases like never before.
Shane Liddelow, PhD, and Philip Hasel, PhD, from NYU share their thoughts on using new technologies to solve previously unaddressable questions.
Tackling low success rates in drug trials for Alzheimers by exploring transcriptomic changes, identifying vulnerable cell types and potential new targets for treatment.

10x Genomics is here to propel you to the next stage of your work with single cell and spatial multiomics for neuroscience. Take your research to the next level.


Learn more about how the partnership between 10x Genomics and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy will enable deep collaboration around fundamental questions in immuno-oncology to improve advances in the field of cancer immunotherapy.
In this post, we honor International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021, by featuring one scientist, Beth Stevens, PhD, and how her mentorship has inspired the careers of other women, from former postdocs to colleagues in academia, industry, and beyond.

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