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The Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution

Copy Number Profiling at Single Cell Resolution

The Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for revealing genome heterogeneity and understanding clonal evolution. Study disease pathogenesis or characterize neuronal mosaicism at the single cell level.

Our Solution Features

  • Profiles 100s to 1000s of cells
  • Accurately calls single cell CNV events at 2 Mb resolution
  • Detects CNV events down to 100s of Kb on clusters of cells
  • Demonstrated with cell lines, primary cells, fresh and frozen tissue
  • Push-button analysis and visualization software
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Single Cell CNV Product Suite

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Analyze Genomes, Cell by Cell

Learn more about how to determine genomic heterogeneity and map clonal evolution by profiling hundreds to thousands of cells in a single sample.

The Chromium Controller

Compact, Sleek, Efficient.

The compact, sleek Chromium Controller has been designed to rapidly and efficiently automate the equivalent of 100,000s to 1,000,000s of pipetting steps for highly parallel sample partitioning and molecular barcoding. The Chromium Controller allows a user to run any Chromium Solution, spanning from genome to single cell analysis. A dedicated Chromium Single Cell Controller is also available for users who exclusively run Single Cell Solutions.

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Single Cell DNA Controller

Product List

Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution

Product Name Product Code
Chromium Single Cell DNA Cell Bead Kit, 16rxn 1000056
Chromium Single Cell DNA Library and Gel Bead Kit, 16 rxn 1000040
Chromium Chip C Single Cell DNA Kit, 48rxn 1000022
Chromium Chip D Single Cell DNA Kit, 48rxn 1000042
Chromium i7 Multiplex Kit, 96 rxns 120262
Flowmi Filter, 50 rxns 1000055
10x Chromium Chip D Holder 1000053
10x Magnetic Separator A 1000054
Chromium Single Cell Controller & Accessory Kit, 12 Mo. Warranty 120263
Chromium Single Cell Controller & Accessory Kit, 24 Mo. Warranty 120212
Chromium Controller & Accessory Kit, 24 Mo. Warranty 120246
Chromium Controller & Accessory Kit, 12 Mo. Warranty 120223
Cell Ranger DNA Analysis Pipelines Download Here
Loupe scDNA Browser Download Here
Single Cell CNV Datasets
Scientific Seminars

Summer Webinar Series – Single Cell CNV

  • Anushka Brownley
  • Shamoni Maheshwari
10x Genomics
July 12, 2018
Single Cell Summer Webinar Series

Revealing the True Biology of Cancer

  • Anushka Brownley
10x Genomics
May 21, 2018

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