Visualize Gene Expression within Tissue Organization

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Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution

High-resolution gene expression profiling for intact tissue sections

The relationship between cells and their organization within tissue is critical to understanding normal development and disease pathology. The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution measures total mRNA in intact tissue sections and maps where gene activity is occurring. This solution provides a high-resolution view of gene expression variability localization as it applies to the study of cancer, neuroscience, developmental biology, and more. Preserving spatial context while identifying distinct groups of cells offers critical information about the relationship of cellular function, phenotype, and location in tissue microenvironments.

Easily adoptable within existing lab infrastructure, this solution enables spatially resolved visualization of gene expression in a wide variety of tissues, without the need for target pre-selection. Use our Space Ranger data analysis and Loupe Browser visualization tools to layer gene expression data onto H&E images. Characterize tissue with RNA and morphology in the same sample with simple, complementary workflows to gain a holistic picture of the biology from a tissue section.

  • Combine spatially-resolved total mRNA analysis with morphological context
  • Obtain high-throughput gene expression profiles in a wide variety of sample types
  • Gain a complete view of disease complexity by mapping where all gene activity is occurring
  • Discover novel targets with unbiased analysis
  • Avoid the need to dissociate the sample to conduct gene expression studies
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Unlock spatial gene expression with these assay features:

  • 5000 spots containing hundreds of millions of oligonucleotides to capture mRNA
  • High sensitivity
  • Simple 1 day tissue and library preparation workflow
  • 1–10 cells captured on average per spot dependent on tissue type
  • Validated on fresh-frozen tissue samples
  • All slides and reagents included
  • Easily adoptable within existing lab infrastructure, no need for a new instrument!
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Spatially-resolve total mRNA with morphological context

The Visium Spatial Gene Expression solution is a next-generation molecular imaging technology that allows you to classify tissue globally based on the total mRNA, or focus on any region of interest to discover novel gene expression profiles.



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Learn how the Visium Spatial Gene Expression technology works to measure total mRNA in intact tissue sections and map where gene activity is occurring.

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Spatial Gene Expression Solution

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Visium Accessory Kit
Visium Spatial Gene Expression Slide & Reagents Kit
Visium Spatial Gene Expression Starter Kit
16 rxns
Visium Spatial Tissue Optimization Slide & Reagents Kit
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Spatial Gene Expression Software

Spatial Gene Expression Software

Scientific Seminars

Envision New Dimensions: Getting Started with the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution

  • Aigu Lin
Regional Marketing Manager, South APAC, 10x Genomics
November 20, 2019

Resolving Molecular Heterogeneity Through Spatial Transcriptomics

  • David Craig, PhD
USC Institute of Translational Genomics
October 16, 2019

Integration of Single Cell and Spatially Resolved Methods for Understanding Neurodegeneration in ALS

  • Silas Maniatis, PhD
Center for Genomics of Neurodegenerative Disease, New York Genome Center
October 07, 2019

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