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Chromium Controller Touchscreen Product Defect Notification

General Information

10x Genomics has determined that a reliability issue may lead to a progressive unresponsive touchscreen failure before the end of life of the instrument. The failure is independent from the assay performance.

If you have questions, please contact 10x Genomics Support at [email protected] and use “Touchscreen Defect Repair” in the subject line.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • I didn’t receive a notification email/letter, should I be concerned?
    If you did not receive a notification, then your instrument is not affected by the defect. Only customers who have received a notification are affected. If you have questions, contact technical support via email at [email protected].

  • Which Chromium Controllers may be affected by this product defect?
    Both, the Chromium Controller and the Chromium Single Cell Controller may be affected. If your instrument is affected, you will receive a notification.

  • How do I know if my instrument touchscreen is not working properly?
    The touchscreen may exhibit a progressive and noticeable unresponsiveness on different locations on the screen.

  • Does this defect affect my experimental results?
    No, because of the nature of the defect it is independent from the assay performance.

  • Does my instrument need to be under warranty to be repaired for this product defect?
    No, 10x Genomics will cover all instruments subjected to the product defect notification.

  • My instrument seems to be operating fine, do I have send it in now?
    Although your instrument may not exhibit the symptoms, we recommend you send the instrument into our 10x repair center at your earliest convenience if you have received a notification.

  • Will other services be performed to the instrument during the touch screen replacement?
    In addition to repairing the touch screen, the firmware will be updated to the latest version (FW v3.16) during this process. Once the firmware update is complete, the system will be checked for functionality prior to returning.

  • Will my repaired instrument be subject to the defect in the future?
    No, repaired instruments will have a redesign and new model of the touch screen.


  • How do I get shipping materials to send my instrument back to 10x Genomics?
    Go to the shipping material request form to request shipping materials.

  • How long will it take to get my instrument repaired?
    After 1.5 days upon receipt of the instrument at our 10x Genomics repair center. You will receive a tracking number for the return shipment. Including shipping time, it will take approximately 1 week before the return of your system.

  • How should my instrument be packaged?
    After we receive your request for the shipping materials, 10x Genomics will send all shipping labels and boxes with provided packing instructions.

  • How should my instrument be decontaminated?
    We recommend that customers decontaminate their instruments using their institution’s safety protocols.

  • Do I have to make an appointment to get it repaired?
    No, we will repair instruments in the order that they are received into our repair center.

  • Where do I locate the serial number on the instrument?
    On the back of the instrument, you will find the serial number as a sticker that has a 5-digit number. For more information, please reference the Chromium Controller readiness test.

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Product Notification

Last Modified
June 14, 2022