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10x Genomics Cloud Analysis is a web platform for analyzing 10x Genomics datasets. After receiving sequencing data, researchers use our Cell Ranger pipelines to align reads, generate feature-barcode matrices, perform clustering, and more. Cloud Analysis allows anyone to run Cell Ranger analysis pipelines quickly and from their web browser.

After sequencing your library, you are ready to run Cell Ranger pipelines. The standard Cloud Analysis workflow involves three steps:

  1. Upload your FASTQ files to Cloud Analysis using the 10x Genomics Cloud CLI or the Web Uploader
  2. Create analyses using your datasets of choice
  3. View and download your output files for further analysis and interpretation

Tutorials and more details about each of these steps are available on this support site, accessible through the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

Regardless of whether you are analyzing one library or one thousand libraries, each 10x Genomics dataset can be stored on the platform for 90 days and used in five of our analysis pipelines1. Beyond free limits, pay only for what you use with no upfront commitment required1. More information about our billing policies is available on our Billing page.

1 See 10x Genomics Cloud Terms of Use for restrictions and details