Customer Developed Protocols

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  • Cell Dissociation and Crypt Isolation of the Mouse Small Intestine

    Aviv Regev, Regev Lab, Broad Institute

  • CTAB Protocol for Isolating DNA from Plant Tissue

    Allen Van Deynze, Van Deynze Lab, UC Davis

  • 'Frankenstein' protocol for nuclei isolation from fresh and frozen tissue

    Luciano Martelotto, Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Generation of single cell suspension from E8.25 mouse embryos

    Bertie Gottgens

  • High Molecular Weight Genomic DNA Extraction from Grape Leaves

    Xia Xu and Lance Cadle-Davidson, USDA-ARS, GGRU

  • Isolation of single cell suspensions from epidermis

    Samuel Lukowski

  • Preparation of non-myocyte cardiac single cell suspensions

    Galen Squiers and Alex Pinto, Pinto Lab, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor

  • Tissue dissociation and single cell preparation of breast cancer patient-derived xenografts

    Ioannis Ragoussis and Morag Park