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Getting Started with GEM-X Checklist

10x Instrument Requirements:

  • Chromium X/iX
  • Installation of Firmware v2.0.0 or higher via network connection
    • See the Chromium X Series: Network Connectivity Guidelines (CG000508) for details on getting connected and the "Firmware Update Procedure" section in the Chromium X Series (X/iX) User Guide with Readiness Test (CG000396) for firmware installation

Reagent Accessory Requirements:

  • Chromium X/iX Chip Holder (PN-3000598)*
  • 10x Magnetic Separator B (PN-2001212; previously named 10x Magnetic Separator HT PN-2000431)*

*Included in the Chromium X/iX Accessory Kit (PN-1000709) and GEM-X Transition Kit (PN-1000707; previously named Chromium X Upgrade Kit (PN-1000327)

Chromium X/iX Chip Holder10x Magnetic Separator B

10x Genomics Reagent Kit Requirements:

Third-party Items:

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