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Chromium Single Cell 5' Barcode Enabled Antigen Mapping (BEAM) – Reagent Assembly, Sample Labeling, and Flow Sorting

  • CG000595_Reagent_Assembly_Sample_Labeling_Flow_Sorting___BEAM__SamplePrepUG_RevB.pdf

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  • CG000597_BarcodeEnabledAntigenMapping_Ab_Workbook_RevB.xlsx

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  • CG000615_BarcodeEnabledAntigenMapping_T_Workbook_RevB.xlsx

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For use with:

  • Chromium Single Cell 5’ BEAM Core Kit, PE, Set A, 128 rxns PN-1000539
  • Chromium Human MHC Class I A0201 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns PN-1000542
  • Chromium Human MHC Class I A1101 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns PN-1000543
  • Chromium Human MHC Class I B0702 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns PN-1000544
  • Chromium Human MHC Class I A2402 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns PN-1000545
  • Chromium Mouse MHC Class I H2Kb Monomer Kit, 32 rxns PN-1000546
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May 10, 2023