Jan 18, 2017

10x Workshop at AGBT 2017

Shauna Clark

We've set up a full day of talks to help you explore Linked-Read technology and its growing suite of applications. There will also be interactive discussions with 10x scientists to answer your questions.   So, book your flights early and join us on Monday Feb. 13, at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL for the 10x Workshop at AGBT!

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AGENDA - 8:00am to 3:00pm

8:00 Welcome Breakfast - Serge Saxonov, 10x Genomics

9:00 Chromium Overview - Tarjei Mikkelsen, 10x Genomics

9:30 WGS & WES - Stacey Gabriel, The Broad Institute

10:00 Olive Fly Assembly - Jiannis Ragoussis, McGill

10:30 NIPT - Winnie Hui, Chinese University of Hong Kong

11:00 Clinical Exome - David Craig, USC


1:00 Stem Cell Profiling - Kelley Yan, Columbia University

1:30 Tumor Ecosystem - Ben Izar, BIDMC

2:00 scRNAseq Analysis - Matan Hofree, The Broad Institute

2:30 Perturb-Seq CRISPR - Britt Adamson, UCSF

3:00 Closing Remarks - Ben Hindson, 10x Genomics