Apr 2, 2020

Crucial Applications for Infectious Disease Research

Olivia Habern

Guest Author: Liz Lucero

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, infectious disease research has become more critical than ever. Find out how solutions from 10x Genomics can enhance your study of infectious disease by tuning in for our upcoming webinar with Brian Fritz, PhD. Register here.

Crucial Applications of Single Cell Gene Expression and Immune Profiling for Infectious Disease Research. LAB TOOLS, The Scientist Webinar Series.
Crucial Applications of Single Cell Gene Expression and Immune Profiling for Infectious Disease Research. LAB TOOLS, The Scientist Webinar Series.

With scientists around the world responding to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, their ability to quickly and effectively tackle the study of infectious disease has become more crucial than ever. The work researchers are doing now has the potential to change the way the scientific community responds to both this pandemic and future outbreaks.

There are countless factors that play a role in infectious disease, and, as a result, countless ways to approach its study. However, accelerating our understanding of the adaptive and innate immune response to infectious disease is critical. A deeper look at the immune repertoire and its response to infection can aid in:

  • Discovery of broadly neutralizing antibodies
  • Development of treatment and vaccines
  • Characterization of the T-cell response to vaccination
  • Understanding the epigenetic mechanisms that regulate immune cell activity
  • Identifying cellular phenotypes that play a role in infection and disease
  • Observing viral interference with the host immune response

The Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling and Single Cell Gene Expression Solutions are currently being used to study an ever-growing number of samples from patients with mild or severe COVID-19. Already, using these solutions, researchers have made strides to understand the disease, analyzing cells before and after infection, investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms driving infection, and delving into antigen-specific immune responses. And these types of studies allow researchers to address broader questions about the innate and adaptive immune responses that correlate with the disease, for example:

  • What are the mechanisms underlying disease progression?
  • What cell types are more vulnerable?
  • Why do patients respond to infection and treatment differently?

Insight into these and other questions can help researchers understand the disease at a level that could potentially lead to the development of more effective treatments. And as researchers continue to respond to this public health crisis, they will likely find new innovative ways to apply 10x Genomics solutions.

In an upcoming webinar with The Scientist, Brian Fritz, Associate Director of Strategic Market Development & Programs at 10x Genomics, will be discussing the Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution with Feature Barcode Technology and the Single Cell Gene Expression Solution. He’ll show you how you can explore the adaptive immune response and immune repertoire, combining multiomic readouts of immune cell biology, including immunophenotype, gene expression, and antigen receptor sequences, at single cell resolution. Watch the webinar on Tuesday, April 7, to learn more about how 10x Genomics solutions can further your study of infectious disease.

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