Jun 3, 2020

Mastering biology, one publication at a time

Olivia Habern

Today, we come together to celebrate a momentous accomplishment: 1,000 peer-reviewed publications leveraging 10x Genomics technology. We’d like to thank and congratulate the many graduate students, postdocs, PIs, laboratory technicians, bioinformaticians, and institutions who have taken up the call to resolve complex biology in order to advance human health.

Today, over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications leverage 10x Genomics technology.
Today, over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications leverage 10x Genomics technology.

As scientists, we understand the power of one. One discovery that uncovers a hidden feature in a complex biological system and triggers a new set of research questions to explore. Or, one experimental precedent that opens up a new world of possibilities. We also know, however, that biology is multidimensional, and one perspective is never enough. It requires many different ‘ones,’ that is, individual publications or studies to act additively in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of human biology, health, and disease.

For this reason, we’re amazed and humbled to share that, as of today, there are over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications leveraging 10x Genomics technology. From 1 to 1,000, each of these publications represents a discovery that is deepening our knowledge of complex biology. And collectively, these publications represent the amazing strides the scientific community is making towards mastering biology.

We’d first like to take the opportunity to showcase some of the groundbreaking work the scientists represented in these 1,000 publications have done. A number of these publications explored the underlying biology of disease, including cancer, infectious disease, neurodegenerative disease, and autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. Here we list only a select few, but there are so many more amazing papers to explore on our publications page →

Monitoring gene-edited T cells in cancer immunotherapy

Cover of Science, Volume 367, Issue 6481. Illustration: V. Altounian/Science.
Cover of Science, Volume 367, Issue 6481. Illustration: V. Altounian/Science.

Leveraged scRNA-seq and T-cell receptor sequencing to monitor CRISPR-engineered T-cell stability and abundance in circulation over time.

Accelerating antibody discovery with high-throughput B-cell receptor sequencing

Verified LIBRA-seq against two human HIV samples, identifying a novel broadly neutralizing antibody lineage.

Uncovering the development and cellular diversity of Alzheimer’s disease

Demonstrated the first molecular blueprint for exploring how Alzheimer's disease develops and progresses.

Identifying transcriptional signatures predictive of lupus disease severity

Found that activity of a plasmacytoid dendritic cell–type I IFN–T/B lymphocyte network correlates with vaccine response and lupus severity.

Recalling the power of one, we would also like to take a moment to recognize one publication that galvanized many of the amazing discoveries we celebrate today. That is, our first single cell gene expression publication:

Eric Leblond, Sales Executive at 10x Genomics, captured this paper best when he said, “My all time favorite publication is still our first single cell paper by our very own Grace Zheng and Jason Bielas. Published in Nature in January 2017, it described our technology in addition to a very cool application where the authors studied ‘host and donor cell chimerism in an allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) setting.’ This is the type of stuff that scientific dreams are made of!”

If you’d like to explore any 10x Genomics publications in more detail, visit our publications page →

To further celebrate this amazing research, we wanted to capture the 10x Genomics response to this milestone. At the end of the day, 10x Genomics is a company composed of people who, in the simplest terms, get excited by cool science. Our response to each of these groundbreaking studies, and perhaps to this 1,000 paper landmark as well, may be best captured by the daily stream of chat messages accompanying every new paper. A global crew of 10x Genomics scientists, computational biologists, technology advisors, marketers, and managers share their excitement and cheer for your research with posts like “super cool!!” and “he multiplexed 960 samples!” (accompanied by a mind-blown emoji).

Beyond our fascination with cool science, we are also very proud to see our technology advancing and accelerating crucial research. Commenting on what this 1,000 paper landmark means to him, Geoff McDermott, Staff Scientist, said: “As an R&D scientist within 10x Genomics, reading about the amazing science in these publications is so rewarding. It really makes all the hard work and long nights worth it to know that the products you are helping to build enable breakthroughs in our fundamental understanding of biology.”

His words echo a sentiment that we all share. Once again, we congratulate all of the researchers that have made this milestone possible. We look forward to the next milestone and the amazing discoveries that will come with it.