Dec 9, 2019

Rapid Identification of Antibodies for Immunotherapy and Vaccine Development

Olivia Habern

Researchers from Vanderbilt University recently used 10x Genomics’ single cell immune sequencing technology to develop a method of antibody discovery called LIBRA-seq. This method enables high-throughput mapping of B cell receptors to specific antigens by recovering paired heavy- and light-chain sequences. The team used LIBRA-seq to identify a new panel of broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV, suggesting its broad utility for not only antibody discovery, but also vaccine and immunotherapy development.

This work has been published in Cell as of November 28, 2019. You can read their paper here →

Ian Setliff, lead author, and PhD candidate in the lab of Dr. Ivelin Georgiev, also shared his team’s findings in a webinar sponsored by 10x Genomics last month. Watch this on-demand webinar recording to explore LIBRA-seq in further detail.

Watch webinar →