Jun 26, 2018

Single Cell Summer Webinar Series

Shauna Clark

We are pleased to introduce you to our new and upcoming Single Cell Solutions!

Join the CELLebration and connect with our R&D scientists and Product Management team during our live online webinar series where we’ll provide more in-depth information on our new products, preview exciting data, and discuss the various applications these products enable. Our hosts will give a 30 minute presentation followed by an open Q&A session.

Explore new releases:

Single Cell CNV
Single Cell CNV

July 12, 2018
Single Cell CNV: Achieving Single-Cell Resolution of Genomic Heterogeneity

  • Find out how the Single Cell CNV Solution provides high resolution information to reveal genomic heterogeneity and study clonal evolution
  • See how single cell genomics compares to bulk sequencing and delivers more power to reveal the types and proportions of subclonal populations
  • Learn how we characterized intra-tumor heterogeneity by profiling spatially separated sections from a primary breast tumor

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Single Cell Immune Profiling
Single Cell Immune Profiling

July 26, 2018

Single Cell Immune Profiling: High Resolution Profiling of Adaptive Immune Context and Repertoire in Mouse

  • Learn more about how to simultaneously examine hundreds to tens of thousands of T and B cells on a cell-by-cell basis, now for mouse!
  • Find out how you can measure T cell receptor, B cell immuno-globulin, and gene expression from the same cell
  • Understand how our technology allows you to gain valuable insight into paired, full-length V(D)J sequences and the ability to detect rare clonotypes on a cell type sub-population level

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Preview upcoming releases:

Single Cell ATAC
Single Cell ATAC

July 19, 2018

Single Cell ATAC: Interrogating Chromatin Accessibility and Regulatory Landscape at Single-Cell Resolution

  • Find out how you can profile the open chromatin landscape of thousands of individual nuclei
  • Learn about our easy, scalable and reproducible workflow
  • Find out how you can apply the Single Cell ATAC Solution to different research areas

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August 2, 2018

Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology: Simultaneously Examine Gene Expression and Protein Abundance or CRISPR-Mediated Perturbations in the Same Cell

  • Learn more about how Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology enables high resolution genetic screening and enhanced single cell phenotyping of complex cell populations
  • Find out how you can simultaneously measure 3′ gene expression and identify guide-specific CRISPR-mediated perturbations or infer protein abundance from oligo-conjugated antibodies
  • Understand how the Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology integrates cellular protein and transcriptome measurements into a single-cell readout

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August 9, 2018

Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology: Cellular Characterization and Mapping of Individual T-Cell Responses at Scale

  • Learn more about how combining Feature Barcode Technology with the Immune Profiling Solution enables integration of cellular surface protein, transcriptome, repertoire and antigen binding specificity measurements into a single cell readout
  • Find out how you can link full-length, paired, TCR alpha and beta chain sequences to their target antigen with high specificity and sensitivity
  • Understand how to characterize the cellular phenotype of the same single cell at the cell surface protein or gene expression level

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