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Visium CytAssist Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE – Tissue Preparation Guide

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The Visium CytAssist Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE workflow is designed to analyze mRNA in tissue sections derived from formalin fixed & paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples and requires tissues on a plain glass slide as input. Proper tissue handling and preparation techniques preserve the morphological quality of the tissue sections and the integrity of mRNA transcripts and cell surface proteins. Maintaining tissue adhesion and high-quality RNA is critical to assay performance.

The Tissue Preparation Guide provides guidance on:

  • Best practices for handling tissue samples and slides before and after sectioning.
  • Removing hard coverslips from archived tissue slides.
  • Sectioning of tissue samples and placement of sections on slides.
  • Performing RNA quality assessment of FFPE tissue blocks or archived tissue sections/slides.
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March 21, 2023