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High Throughput (HT)

Single Cell Immune Profiling HT with Feature Barcode technology

What is Single Cell Immune Profiling HT?

  • Profile 2,000 to 20,000 single cells to detect rare clonotypes and cell type sub-populations per sample

  • Simultaneously characterize gene expression and enrich for single TCR and Ig cells providing paired, full length V(D)J receptor sequences in the same cells

  • Simultaneously measure additional biological information with Feature Barcode technology

    • Perform Barcode Enabled Antigen Mapping (BEAM) to link full-length, paired V(D)J sequences with antigen specificity
    • Simultaneously measure cell surface protein expression
    • Directly connect CRISPR guides to their gene expression perturbation profiles
  • Easy to install and use pipelines and visualization software

Currently available Feature Barcode kits for Single Cell Immune Profiling HT Feature Barcode Technology

10x SolutionGene ExpressionCell Surface Protein & Immune Receptor MappingCRISPR ScreeningCellPlexBarcode Enabled Antigen Mapping
Single Cell 5' HT v2 (Dual Index)-



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    Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 5' HT v2 Dual Index
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