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Loupe V(D)J Browser

Loupe V(D)J Browser

What is Loupe V(D)J Browser?

Loupe V(D)J Browser is a desktop application for Windows and macOS that allows the user to analyze, search, and visualize V(D)J sequences and clonotypes from 5' Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling data.

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Interface and Features

Learn about Loupe V(D)J Browser and get oriented with its interface and features.

Clonotype Distribution and Sequence
Summary Plots
Exploring Clonotypes
Isotype Switching in B Cells
Comparing Multiple Samples

Integrated Analysis

Analysis of each of the sequenced libraries (5′ Gene Expression, V(D)J, Antibody Capture, and Antigen Capture), alone or in combination with other library types, can be performed using the latest versions of Cell Ranger, Loupe Browser, and Loupe V(D)J Browser.

Release Notes

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