Mar 8, 2017

Join us on March 21st at the South San Francisco Convention Center

Shauna Clark

Mark your calendars!  The first 10x Bay Area User Group Meeting is on March 21 at the South San Francisco Convention Center.  Hear your colleagues, industry leaders and 10x scientists discuss single cell genomics, de novo assembly and how to make the most of the human genome with Linked-Reads.  REGISTER HERE

Here’s a look at the speakers we have on the agenda:

Jimmie Ye, PhD, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics - University of California, San Francisco

Jimmie recently presented his work, "Multiplexing droplet-based single cell RNA-seq using genetic barcodes" at AGBT and we are excited to hear more from him.

Britt Adamson, Post Doc, Weissman Lab - University of California, San Francisco

As co-author on a set of papers recently published in Cell, Britt will be speaking about Perturb-seq, a novel approach to high-throughput functional genomics enabled by the combination of single cell RNA-seq with CRISPR perturbations.   Learn more about the Weissman Lab here: and more about Perturb-seq in our blog post "Perturb-seq: High throughput functional genomics at single cell resolution".

Shamoni Maheshwari, PhD, Scientist, Van Deynze Lab - University of California, Davis

Shamoni will be speaking about de novo assembly with Linked-Reads in her talk titled "A New Pepper Genome Built Using Long-Range Short-Read Technology Allows Direct Comparison of Pungent and Non-Pungent Types"

Carolyn Elya, Graduate Student, Michael B. Eisen Lab, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, Berkeley

Hear Carolyn talk about using Linked-Reads for "Genome assembly of the mind-controlling fly pathogen E. muscae via 10x genomics".  Learn more about the Eisen Lab and their work here:

Noah Spies, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate - Joint Initiative for Metrology in Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine & National Institute of Standards and Technology

Noah will be speaking about "Using 10x whole-genome sequencing data to detect & reconstruct large-scale complex structural variants in cancer".

And, from 10x we have:

  • Tarjei Mikkelsen, PhD, Director of Molecular Biology, speaking about Chromium™ Single Cell applications.
  • Deanna Church, PhD, Senior Director, Applications, speaking about using Linked-Reads to improve genome analysis.
  • Alexander Wong, PhD, Vice President, Software and Infrastructure, demonstrating how easy it is to perform single cell analysis to identify cell populations, isolate significant genes and measure expression levels with our new Loupe™ Cell Browser software.

We also have round table discussions planned for lunch, as well as, a Community Mixer following the afternoon talks.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!  REGISTER TODAY