Nov 1, 2016

New Chromium™ Genome Kits increase workflow flexibility

Shauna Clark

We are excited to announce a second generation of Chromium™ Genome Kits: a new 96-reaction Chromium Genome HT Library and Gel Bead Kit v2 and an updated 16-reaction Chromium™ Genome Library and Gel Bead Kit v2.   The new kits provide improved workflow flexibility with the automation-friendly 96-reaction kit and extended shelf life.

The Chromium™ Genome Kit supports 10x barcoded library construction for the Chromium™ Genome and Exome and De novo Solutions, enabling the resolution of genic phasing, structural variation, detection of complex variants in previously inaccessible regions of the exome and genome and true diploid assembly.  Read more about our DNA analysis solutions in our application notes: Chromium™ Genome Solution, Chromium™ Exome Solution, and Chromium™ De novo Solution.

Easily go from pilot to production with the new Chromium™ Genome Kits in 16-reaction and 96-reaction sizes.  The updated 16-reaction kit offers the flexibility to run 1-8 samples at a time, while the new 96-reaction kit streamlines the workflow for high throughput labs, supporting production scale-projects with workflow automation and a significantly reduced cost per sample.

Available December 2016:

DNA HT kit
DNA HT kit

To learn more about our workflow automation collaboration with Perkin Elmer, watch the webinar "New Technologies for Finding the 'Hidden Gems' in Genomic Research" featuring Senior Scientist Adrian Fehr speaking about 10x technology and workflow automation on the Perkin Elmer Sciclone Liquid Handler.

Note: Unfortunately there is no direct link to the webinar page, please scroll down to the Sept. 22, 2016 webinar to view the recording.