Apr 10, 2017

Revolutionizing gene expression with scRNA-seq

Shauna Clark

New technologies have made genomic analysis on the single cell level more accessible than ever, providing researchers with powerful tools to investigate the heterogeneity of biological systems like never before.  Previously limited by bulk RNA-seq methods, researchers are now able to uncover the true diversity of gene expression at the single cell level, fueling new discoveries.  This month The Scientist is featuring an infographic, "Revolutionizing Gene Expression with Single-Cell RNA-seq", recognizing the awesome promise of single cell analysis for immunology, neurology, stem cell biology, oncology, and immuno-oncology.  Download The Scientist infographic

With the Chromium™ Single Cell 3’ Solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling of hundreds to millions of cells and the new Chromium™ Single Cell V(D)J Solution for profiling full-length paired V(D)J transcripts from hundreds to millions of lymphocytes, 10x Genomics is  powering discoveries that will accelerate innovation, impacting biological and clinical research in cancer, neuroscience, and stem cell biology.

See how researchers are using 10x single cell analysis solutions:

  • Browse single cell publications utilizing 10x technology
  • Watch single cell scientific seminar videos
  • Download single cell datasets – including our 1.3M mouse neuron dataset.

Download The Scientist infographic

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