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Chromium Connect Software Release Note

  • Previous Versions, CG000352 Rev N

    Instrument Software, CG000352

    Previous Versions, CG000352 Rev N

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  • Chromium Connect, PN-1000171
  • Chromium Connect, PN-1000180

v2024.03.29.01 (April, 2024)


  • Change UI references to “Maintenance” with new “Cleaning” and “System Checks”
  • New “System Check” Notification when starting an Assay
  • New “Cleaning” Notification at login
  • New customer setting to change the PM notification periodicity

Bug Fixes & Changes:

  • Discontinued Single Cell 3’ Single Index Plate usage
  • Fixed External Network Connection’s inability to switch to and from DHCP
  • Fixed External Network Connection’s inability to enter a proper static IP Address

v2023.09.30.05 (October, 2023)


  • New Telemetry Server
  • New service user software tools screen
  • Functional test that utilizes new Chromium Automated Test Library and Gel Bead Kit
  • New user setting for instruction level
  • New service user Layout Manager Tool
  • New notification during login when Nimbus device is powered OFF

Bug Fixes & Changes

  • CPAC driver termination time reduced
  • V(D)J Amp Kit final loading screen now displays the correct primer tube image
  • CORE Paddle and CORE Tip pickup failure no longer creates infinite retries

v2023.03.31.01 (June, 2023)


  • New Fixed RNA Library Construction Assay
  • New assay workflow to process “Purified DNA Feature Barcode” to a Feature Barcode Library
  • New Single Cell 3’ and Single Cell 5’ high volume sample input (32 μl) capability
  • Improved sample index plate labeling
  • Improved remote support activation/deactivation screen

Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Ethanol Lid pickup failure from Carrier 3 now displays the correct message to users
  • Improved messaging for incorrect number of barcodes during a Gantry Scan
  • Improved audit reporting display
  • Improved device error handling processing and messaging
  • Improved setup information import to deny duplicate sample index entries

Previous versions

  • Release notes for previous versions (v2020.07.31-v2022.12.30) are in the PDF document linked to the top of this page
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