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Chromium Fixed RNA Profiling Reagent Kits for Singleplexed Samples

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Chromium Fixed RNA Profiling offers comprehensive, scalable solutions to measure gene expression in formaldehyde fixed samples. This workflow allows for fixed samples to be processed and analyzed individually.

For use with:

  • Chromium Next GEM Single Cell Fixed RNA Sample Preparation Kit, 16 rxns PN-1000414
  • Chromium Next GEM Chip Q Single Cell Kit, 48 rxns PN-1000418 / 16 rxns PN-1000422
  • Chromium Fixed RNA Kit, Human Transcriptome, 4 rxns x 1 BC PN-1000474
  • Chromium Fixed RNA Kit, Mouse Transcriptome, 4 rxns x 1 BC PN-1000495
  • Dual Index Kit TS Set A 96 rxns PN-1000251
Firmware FW 1.1.0 or higher on Chromium X/iX is required for running this assay. Chip Q is only compatible with Chromium X/iX.
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September 12, 2023