10x Genomics Support/Single Cell Gene Expression/


Find resources from protocols to free-to-use analysis tools.
Experimental Design & Planning

Plan ahead by referring to the list of equipment, kits, and reagents needed for Single Cell Gene Expression.

Sample Prep

Prepare optimal single cell/nuclei suspension by following our Demonstrated Protocols.


Refer to instrument-specific documents for seamless instrument operation.

Library Construction

Construct a sequencing-ready single cell library by following our step-by-step User Guide / Protocol.

Targeted Gene Expression (Optional)

Use pre-designed or custom panels for targeted gene expression, followed by sequencing and data analysis.


Sequence your single cell library as per our provided recommendations.

Software Analysis

Analyze your single cell data using our pipelines, visualization, and Cloud Analysis tools.

Additional Applications

Cell Surface Protein
Measure single cell gene and cell surface protein expression simultaneously.
Assess effects of CRISPR perturbations alongside single cell gene expression.
Cell Multiplexing
Multiplex up to 12 samples per channel for increased sample throughput.
High Throughput (HT)
Profile 2,000–20,000 cells per channel of the Chromium Next GEM Chip M (2,000– 60,000 cells per channel with CellPlex).
Low Throughput (LT)
Partition 100–1,000 cells per channel efficiently, for up to 8,000 cells per run.