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Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3ʹ v3.1: Cell Multiplexing

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    Technical Note, CG000383

    CG000383_TechNote_ChromiumNextGEMSingle Cell 3ʹ v3.1_CellMultiplexing_Rev A.pdf

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The 10x Genomics 3’ CellPlex Kit provides a species agnostic sample multiplexing solution using a set of 12 Feature Barcode oligonucleotides, each conjugated to a lipid. 3' CellPlex enables the pooling of up to 12 samples and capture of as many as 30,000* cells per channel to enable novel biomarker validation, identification and characterization of rare cell subtypes and states, and profile cell heterogeneity. This Technical Note describes concepts central to understanding Cell Multiplexing. It also highlights the utility of Cell Multiplexing across multiple species and compares data generated from Cell Multiplexing in combination with Single Cell 3' Gene Expression, Cell Surface Protein, and CRISPR Screening assays.

*The 3' CellPlex kit is also compatible with the 3' HT v3.1 assay, enabling the capture of up to 60,000 cells per channel.

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August 9, 2021