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Visium Spatial Gene Expression Optimized Tissues

Visium Spatial Gene Expression Optimized Tissues

Tissues Optimized

* H&E stained tissues that may require a longer permeabilization time course than 0-30 min. We recommend testing an extended time course for these tissues of 0-60 min, testing in 10 min increments.

OrganismTissue (Healthy/Diseased)Tissue Thickness
HumanBrain (Cerebellum, Healthy)10 µm
HumanBrain (Cerebral cortex, Healthy)10 µm
HumanBrain (Cerebral cortex (temporal), Healthy)10 µm
HumanBrain (Cerebral Glioblastoma Multiforme)10 µm
HumanBreast (Healthy)10-20 µm
HumanBreast (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma)10-20 µm
HumanBreast (Invasive Lobular Carcinoma)10-20 µm
HumanHeart (Healthy)10 µm
HumanHeart (Myocardial infarction)10 µm
HumanKidney (Healthy)10 µm
HumanKidney (Nephritis)10 µm
HumanLarge Intestine (Colorectal Cancer) *10-20 µm
HumanLung (Healthy) *10 µm
HumanLung (Papillary Carcinoma)10 µm
HumanLymph Node (Healthy) *10 µm
HumanLymph Node (Inflamed) *10 µm
HumanOvaries (Tumor) *10 µm
HumanSpleen (Inflamed)10 µm
HumanSpinal Cord (Healthy)10 µm
MouseBrain (Healthy)10 µm
MouseBrain (E15, Healthy)10 µm
MouseBrain (E18, Healthy)10 µm
MouseBrain (P1, Healthy)10 µm
MouseBrain (P8, Healthy)10 µm
MouseEyes (Healthy)10 µm
MouseHeart (Healthy)10 µm
MouseKidney (Healthy)10 µm
MouseLarge Intestine (Healthy)10 µm
MouseLiver (Healthy)10 µm
MouseLungs (Healthy)10 µm
MouseOlfactory Bulb (Healthy)10 µm
MouseOvary (Healthy)10 µm
MouseQuadriceps (Healthy)10 µm
MouseSmall Intestine (Healthy)10 µm
MouseSpleen (Healthy) *10 µm
MouseStomach (Healthy)10 µm
MouseTestes (Healthy)10 µm
MouseThyroid (Healthy)10 µm
MouseTongue (Healthy)10 µm
RatBrain (Healthy)10 µm
RatHeart (Healthy)10 µm
RatKidney (Healthy)10 µm
RatOlfactory Bulb (Healthy)10 µm
ZebrafishLarva (10 dpf, Healthy)10 µm

Tissues for Further Optimization

OrganismTissue (Healthy/Diseased)Tissue Thickness
HumanSkin (Healthy)20 µm
MouseFemur (Healthy)10 µm
MousePancreas (Healthy)10 µm
MouseSkin (Healthy)10 µm
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March 9, 2023