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Visium CytAssist Tissue Slide Alignment Instruction, Quick Reference Cards

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This document demonstrates capture area size for checking section or area of interest compatibility. It indicates allowable area locations for tissue placement based upon glass slide type and width, and can also be used to practice alignment.

These Quick Reference Cards can be used for the following:

  1. Ensuring the tissue section or area of interest fits within the desired capture area on the Visium slide.
  2. Provides templates for tracing the allowable area for tissue placement onto compatible glass slides. Or for checking archived slide placed section compatibility.
  3. Practicing tissue alignment utilizing a mock Visium CytAssist instrument Tissue Slide Stage. Ensure this document is printed to specifications listed to maintain proper scaling. Quick Reference Cards for Visium CytAssist Instrument Tissue Slide Alignment.

For use with:

  • Visium CytAssist & Accessory Kit, 12-Month Warranty, PN-1000441
  • Visium CytAssist Instrument Accessory Kit, PN-1000433
  • Visium CytAssist & Accessory Kit, 24-Month Warranty, PN-1000442
  • Visium CytAssist Instrument Accessory Kit, PN-1000433
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March 19, 2024