Jun 8, 2017

10x at ISSCR 2017

Shauna Clark

Please join us at our Innovation Showcase:
Friday, June 16
Level 2, Room 205BC

Stem Cell Analysis with 10x Genomics

The Chromium™ System is an industry-leading system for single cell gene expression profiling and comprehensive genome analysis. In this showcase, 10x Genomics will describe the system and introduce our Chromium 3' Single Cell Solution.

Tarjei Mikkelsen, PhD.
Tarjei Mikkelsen, PhD.


Tarjei Mikkelsen, PhD. Director of Molecular Biology 10x Genomics

Single Cell Analysis for Characterization of Complex Systems and Biomarker Detection

Julie Sneddon, PhD
Julie Sneddon, PhD


Julie Sneddon, PhD. Assistant Professor
UCSF School of Medicine, Diabetes Research Center

Novel Progenitor Cell Populations in the Developing Pancreas as Revealed by Single Cell Analysis


The primary focus of Dr. Sneddon’s research is the niche in pancreatic development and Type I Diabetes. Her research group employs the tools of stem cell biology, developmental biology, genomics, and tissue engineering. Dr. Sneddon’s laboratory studies the underlying biology of the cellular microenvironment, including the cellular diversity and lineage relationships of the non-epithelial compartment of the pancreas in the context of organogenesis, adult organ function, and disease. The hope is that a deeper understanding of the identity and biology of non-epithelial "niche" cell types within the pancreas will enable a more directed and efficient attempt at replacing lost cell and organ function via regenerative medicine.


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