Jun 10, 2021 / Developmental Biology / Neuroscience / Immunology / Oncology / Software

10x Genomics Cloud Analysis: Faster, easier analysis for every 10x Genomics dataset

Evan Winget

At 10x Genomics, we strive to make life science research accessible to all. We include complete analysis and visualization software with every assay, and we have shipped hundreds of software releases across our product lines. To take this commitment one step further, we’re excited to release Cloud Analysis, which allows researchers to run a set of our analysis pipelines on the 10x Genomics Cloud for each uploaded 10x dataset at no additional cost.1

Recent technological breakthroughs have led to larger and more complex single cell datasets, with options for increasing cell counts and the ability to collect more information from each cell than previously thought possible. We are moving towards a world where 1 million cell experiments are not only possible, but routine. Regardless of the scale of your experiments, Cloud Analysis ensures that you can quickly analyze your data without spending time and resources on infrastructure.

Faster and easier single cell analysis

After receiving sequencing data, researchers use our Cell Ranger pipeline to align reads, generate feature-barcode matrices, perform clustering, and more. Until now, running Cell Ranger pipelines has required access to a linux machine and an understanding of command line operations. We have spoken with researchers who shared that it can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive to set up infrastructure or to find bioinformaticians to process their data.

Cloud Analysis removes these barriers and allows anyone to run Cell Ranger analysis pipelines quickly and from their web browser. By following the simple instructions on the website, you can upload FASTQ files, run Cell Ranger in our cloud, and download your results for downstream analysis. We have compared analysis run times between Cloud Analysis and common compute environments and have found that Cloud Analysis can speed up the delivery of results by up to 700%!2

Cloud Analysis supports a wide range of pipelines and products, with regular updates to add new features and support for additional pipelines. Full details about our current product support are available on the support site, and you can read more about planned future developments on our roadmap.

Is it really free?

We are extremely excited to share that Cloud Analysis allows researchers to run a set of our analysis pipelines on the 10x Genomics Cloud for each uploaded 10x dataset at no additional cost.1 Regardless of whether you are analyzing one library or one thousand libraries, each 10x Genomics dataset can be stored on the platform for 90 days and used in 5 of our analysis pipelines.1 Beyond free limits, pay only for what you use with no upfront commitment required.1 More information about our billing policies is available on the support site.

Offering this service at no additional cost allows us to advance our mission of making modern life science research accessible to all. By simplifying and accelerating data analysis, we are expanding access to single cell research and allowing 10x Genomics customers to reach their experimental conclusions 10x faster. This benefits both our customers and the broader scientific community. An improved understanding of biology and disease will lead to improvements in health outcomes for millions of people around the world, and we are excited to expand our contributions towards this goal.

Your data, secured

We understand the importance of data privacy and that our users own the biological datasets that are being analyzed on the platform. 10x Genomics may not collect or use information concerning the contents of customer data. We may collect usage data that helps us better understand customer needs and improve our products. For example, we might analyze the frequency of failed analyses, identifying common issues that we can prevent via improvements to the analysis setup process.

Our platform undergoes routine independent assessment and penetration testing, and has a dedicated Security Operations Center team providing 24/7 monitoring of security-related events. Additional details about the steps that we take to secure user data can be found on the support site.

A global platform

We know that there is a global community of researchers doing important work to further our understanding of biology, and we are building a global platform to serve this community. At present, Cloud Analysis is only available to users in the United States. Over time, we aim to provide Cloud Analysis to everyone, regardless of geographic location. We are working to expand into new regions as quickly as possible and will share specifics as soon as we can.

Continuing the journey

This is just the beginning. Cloud Analysis supports Cell Ranger today and will soon support our other pipelines and Loupe visualization through your web browser. We are very excited about future developments that will bring even deeper insights into your data and experiments. To get started today and follow along as we expand the cloud, visit

1. See our Billing support site page for details.

2. Typical results based on a time trial processing 10,000 cells using Cell Ranger v4.0. Actual time may vary.