May 26, 2017

Less memory, more assembly - Supernova™ 1.2

Shauna Clark

Part of the Chromium™ de novo Assembly Solution, the Supernova™ Assembler delivers diploid genome assemblies from just 1ng of high molecular weight DNA using a fast and simple workflow.  Now, Supernova 1.2 makes it even easier to unlock true diploid assembly.

NEW Supernova 1.2 features:

  • Barcode subsampling for assembling small haploid or diploid genomes (100Mb – 1.6Gb)
  • Reduce memory requirements
  • Reduced runtime on repeat regions
  • Available as open source - COMING SOON!

See the full release notes and download the software.

Additional Resources

  • Get started with Linked-Read assembly - Supernova Guidance: Sample Requirements and Library Considerations
  • Working with small genomes? Read this: Technical Note: Guidelines for De Novo Assembly of Genomes Smaller than ~3 Gb using 10x Genomics® Supernova™ v1.2
  • Read more about our Genome Research paper "Direct determination of diploid genome sequences" – See all assembly publications here.
  • Learn more about assembly using Linked-Reads in our Scientific Seminars featuring David Jaffe and more.
  • Download de novo assembly datasets and read our application note.

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