Nov 4, 2019

More Than a Tissue Slide: Inside Visium Spatial Technology

Olivia Habern

At first glance, the Visium Spatial Gene Expression slides look like typical tissue histology slides. And in many ways, the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution incorporates traditional experimental steps for tissue analysis, including tissue sectioning, slide preparation, the H&E stain, microscopy and imaging.

However, Visium Spatial Gene Expression slides are unique because they house four capture areas, each containing millions of spatially barcoded oligonucleotides that capture mRNA released from cells within the attached tissue section. This spatial barcoding technology, paired with the well-established workflow of tissue processing and staining, comprises the technological innovation that we believe has now made it possible to measure and map gene expression within intact tissue sections, without the need for target preselection.

Watch this short How It Works video to explore the capabilities of the Visium Spatial Gene Expression slides:

To gain a more detailed understanding of the technology behind the Visium Solution, you can also read our brochure, Inside Visium Spatial Technology. Download here to learn about:

  • The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Slide architecture, utilizing poly A capture and novel spatial barcoding technology for cDNA library preparation
  • Stepwise library construction and strategic stopping points in the overall experimental workflow
  • Compatible microscopy instrumentation and the benefits of incorporating this efficient experimental method into your existing laboratory infrastructure

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