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Human Glioblastoma Multiforme: 3’v3 Targeted, Neuroscience Panel

Single Cell Gene Expression dataset analyzed using Cell Ranger 4.0.0

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Human Glioblastoma Multiforme cells from a male donor aged 57 were obtained by 10x Genomics from Discovery Life Sciences.

Whole transcriptome/gene expression libraries were generated as described in the Chromium Single Cell 3' Reagent Kits v3 User Guide (CG000183), with data avaliable here.

The targeted gene expression libraries were generated as described in the Targeted Gene Expression Reagent Kits User Guide (CG000293) using the Human Neuroscience Panel (PN-1000278).

Targeted sequencing data was processed using Cell Ranger, with websummary and output files available below.

  • Sequencing instrument: Illumina NovaSeq 6000
  • Sequencing depth: 7,552 mean reads per cell
  • Sequencing configuration: Paired-end (28 X 91), single-indexed. Read 1: 28 cycles (16 bp barcode, 10 bp UMI); i7 index: 8 cycles; i5 index: 0 cycles; Read 2: 91 cycles (transcript).
  • Cells detected: 5,697
  • Median targeted genes per cell: 310
  • Median targeted UMIs per cell: 1,582
  • Reads mapped confidently to the targeted transcriptome: 90.3%
  • Total targeted genes detected: 1,166

This dataset is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.