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INSECT: Caterpillar

De Novo Assembly dataset analyzed using Supernova 2.1.0

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Caterpillar collected in Pleasanton, CA, USA. Salting out protocol used for DNA extraction.

  • Sequencer: NovaSeq
  • Input mass: 0.6 ng
  • Number of reads: 220.01 M
  • Genome size (estimated): 458.03 Mb
  • Raw coverage: 72.05 x
  • Inferred molecule length: 20.32 Kb
  • N50 Contig Length: 30.40 Kb
  • N50 Phase Block: 398.85 Kb
  • N50 Scaffold Length: 62.37 Kb
  • Analysis run with --maxreads=220000000

This dataset is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.