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Xenium In Situ Gene Expression Validated Tissue List

List of human and mouse tissue types that were validated in-house with Xenium In Situ Gene Expression. FFPE tissues validated in-house were acquired from biobanks. Additional information about 10x Genomics pre-designed panels is available here.

Please note: sample preparation variability (such as fixation and embedding techniques), tissue biology, and slide handling may impact assay performance. In addition, disease state and presence of add-on panels may impact assay performance. All tissues listed below were processed per our standard documentation (CG000582).

Some tissues were tested with multiple tissue states. Select datasets can be found here.

Human tissue types

Tissue-specific Pre-designed PanelsTissueTissue States
Xenium Human Breast Gene Expression PanelBreastInfiltrating Ductal Carcinoma,
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma,
Other cancer
Xenium Human Brain Gene Expression PanelBrainNon-diseased,
Alzheimer's Disease,
Glioblastoma Multiforme
Xenium Human Lung Gene Expression PanelLungNon-diseased,
Invasive Adenocarcinoma,
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Xenium Human Skin Gene Expression PanelSkinMelanoma
Xenium Human Colon Gene Expression PanelColonAdenocarcinoma

The Xenium Human Multi-Tissue and Cancer Panel has been validated for several tissues and tissue states:

TissueTissue States
BreastInvasive Ductal Carcinoma
ColonNon-diseased, Adenocarcinoma, Diseased
HeartNon-diseased, Leiomyosarcoma
KidneyNon-diseased, Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma, Diseased
Large IntestineDiseased
LiverNon-diseased, Fibrosis, Diseased
LungNon-diseased, Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma, Fibrosis
Lymph NodeNon-diseased, Lymphofollicular Hyperplasia, Diseased
PancreasNon-diseased, Adenocarcinoma, Diseased
SkinNon-diseased, Melanoma, Diseased

The Xenium Human Immuno-Oncology Profiling Panel has been validated for several tissues and tissue states:

TissueTissue States
BreastNon-diseased, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
KidneyRenal Cell Carcinoma
LiverHepatocellular Carcinoma
LungNon-small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Lymph NodeLymphoma
OvarySerous Adenocarcinoma
PancreasDuctal Adenocarcinoma
ProstateAcinar Adenocarcinoma

Mouse tissue types

Pre-designed PanelTissueTissue State
Xenium Mouse Brain Gene Expression PanelBrainNon-diseased,
Wild type & Trangenic mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelBrainNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelAdipose TissueNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelColonNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelKidneyNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelLiverNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelLungNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelHeartNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelSpleenNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelThymusNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelSkinNon-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelWhole body, Embryonic day 17.5Non-diseased
Xenium Mouse Tissue Atlassing PanelWhole body, Postnatal day zeroNon-diseased
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