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Sequencing Metrics & Base Composition of Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE Libraries

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    Technical Note, CG000497

    CG000497_Visium Gene Expression_FFPE_SeqMetrics_BaseComposition_Rev A.pdf

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The Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE Reagent Kits workflow produces Visium Spatial Gene Expression sequencing-ready libraries for measuring RNA in intact formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue sections. This Technical Note presents a comparison of sequencing metrics for pooled Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE libraries across Illumina️ platforms. The expected base percentage profiles and Phred quality scores (Q scores) based on a control library are described to provide general guidance on the expected range of sequencing metrics on Illumina platforms. Individual results may vary depending on the specific sequencing instrument and/or particular sample and loading characteristics.

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Technical Note

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February 1, 2022