Jun 25, 2019

Don’t miss your chance to win a single cell DNA project!

Kariena Dill

Guest Author: Jennifer MacArthur

10x Genomics has partnered with GENEWIZ to sponsor the Single Cell Genomes Scientific Challenge. We want to hear how you can use our single cell DNA solution to study genomic heterogeneity and advance your research. Share your innovative ideas in a 300 word proposal before June 30th for the chance to win a single cell DNA project.

Uncover true heterogeneity to discover diverse and distinct cell populations

Bulk DNA sequencing methods, such as whole genome sequencing and whole exome sequencing, lack the resolution to characterize complex polyclonal systems like tumors. Their average ploidy measurements mask the diversity among clones and allow rare subclones to escape detection. Unlike bulk techniques that provide incomplete information, characterizing the genomes of single cells uncovers the true heterogeneity, helping you identify diverse cell populations and discover rare genomic variations.

10x Genomics offers the Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution to analyze genome-wide heterogeneity across individual cells and map clonal evolution. This solution profiles copy number variation at the chromosomal or sub-chromosomal level in hundreds to thousands of cells from the same sample. At a single cell level, you can detect megabase-size events, and resolve down to 100’s of kilobases with clusters of cells.

Start planning your experiments today

Watch this recent webinar for a stepwise overview of the Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution, including the assay workflow, sequencing recommendations, and turnkey bioinformatics tools for data analysis and visualization.

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What will you learn from high-resolution single cell genome sequencing?

Accept the Single Cell Genomes Scientific Challenge and submit a 300-word abstract sharing your innovative plans to use the Single Cell CNV Solution in your research. Two (2) winners will each be awarded a 4-reaction Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution kit with library prep, sequencing, and bioinformatics support from GENEWIZ.

Hurry, the challenge closes on June 30th!