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Fixed RNA Profiling with Cell Surface Protein Labeling

What is Fixed RNA Profiling with Protein Labeling?

  • Reveal gene expression and cell surface protein from the same fixed cell
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  • Compatible with Singleplex or Multiplex Samples via Direct Capture (TotalSeq™️-B) or Barcode Oligo Capture (TotalSeq™️-C)

Fixed RNA Profiling Feature Barcode Compatibility Table

Fixed RNA Profiling PlexyDirect CaptureBarcode Oligo CaptureAntibody CompatibilityCompatible Feature Barcode Kit
SingleplexTotalSeq™️-BFixed RNA Feature Barcode Kit (PN-1000419)
SingleplexTotalSeq™️-CFixed RNA Feature Barcode Multiplexing Kit (PN-1000628)
MultiplexTotalSeq™️-CFixed RNA Feature Barcode Multiplexing Kit (PN-1000628)



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    Last Modified
    September 13, 2023